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Blinded Bi Xenon To Help Night Drivers

Welcome to Blinded BiXenon.
Are you aware if you drive a vehicle with bi-xenon lights your vehicle will have automatic self levelling that was initially set by the manufacturer? Do you find other road users are flashing you? This may be because your lights may have been incorrectly set.
Are you aware if you drive a vehicle with halogen lights your car should have a scroll switch? If you do not know where this switch is you will need to find this and check which setting it is on. If it is on the top setting which is usually zero your lights will be above a reasonable dip level and partially blinding others.
Have you bought a new car lately and been told your new lights are much brighter but don't worry as it will pass the government test? Salesmen in my opinion know about the problem with some vehicles and are doing nothing. Our list of possible dangerous vehicles should help.
The department of transport in their wisdom do not find it necessary to teach drivers of any vehicle how to set their lights so as not to endanger others. It should be easy to include education of lights for all vehicles including motorbikes, with little inconvenience to examiners.
Are you now finding the glare from the new lights an unnecessary hazard? We propose a revision to the law for the lights to be set correctly making driving at night less hazardous. To help bring this into force, please read about our “Number 10 Petition” on the Legislation Page.
Protect vulnerable road users - please Vote against blinding lights www.Lightmare.Org Lightmare are supported by Pedestrians, Cyclists, Motor Cyclists and Driving Instructor Associations.