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Blinded Bi Xenon To Help Night Drivers


We have invoked a petition on “The official site of the Prime Minister’s Office”
( with regard to the “Road Vehicle Light Regulation”
which reads:-

“We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to revise the RVLR 1989 regulation about dazzling of other drivers. Lights must not be set to dazzle other drivers as stated in Schedule 4, Part1, and Section 4 of the RVLR 1989”.

We believe this act on the regulation of lights to be out of date and is in need of updating to make it safer whilst driving during the hours of darkness. Having been accepted by the "number 10 petitions team" we would appreciate your approval by going to and cast your vote.

It is very important you can only be registered after number 10 has sent you an email link which confirms you on our list. You must click the link to register and it will show your name on our list. Thank you.

The Reason we Believe this act needs updating is simple. The new lights have only been fitted for 11 years and the regulation that approves them is in its 21st year. (Surely technology has overtaken the regulation)